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If you’re self employed, ACC can often come as a shock, both at Claim time and Bill time.

This is because traditional ACC plans are calculated based on a percentage of our income. So if our incomes fluctuate, we are left unsure about how much we are covered for, and how much we will have to pay for that cover.

On top of that, ACC only covers you for accidents: but what if you get sick?

The ACC ALTERNATIVE is the smart way to protect your income.

You agree on your cover upfront and have certainty over your premiums for the year ahead.

Even better, THE ACC ALTERNATIVE also covers illness as well as accidents. Did you know 90% of disabilities are due to illness, not accidents? If an illness stops you from working, the ACC ALTERNATIVE pays you a monthly benefit until you get back on your feet.

So you get more than double the cover, for around the same price you’re currently paying to ACC for Accidents only!

In just 30 seconds, you can compare your current ACC cover to the ACC ALTERNATIVE. Just answer 6 simple questions and our confidential calculator will show you how much more you could have covered.

The most valuable thing you have is your ability to earn an Income. Get yourself fully protected with The ACC ALTERNATIVE.

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