Get 3x more protection than with ACC alone!

Protect your income from Accidents, Illness and Mental Health conditions.

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What It's All About

ACC only covers you for accidents: but what if you get sick? The ACC ALTERNATIVE is the smart way to protect your income – it covers you for accidents as well as if you get sick. You’ll get three times the cover for around the same price as you’re currently paying to ACC for accidents only!

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Protect yourself and your family by re-structuring your ACC levies

Did you know?

You're 2.6x more likely to be out of work for six months or more following an illness rather than an accident

The ACC Alternative is an income protection plan that allows you to reduce your ACC Accident Only Cover and add Income Protection Insurance to ensure that you’ll continued to be paid if you have an accident and if you are unable to work due to illness.

The ACC Alternative is underwritten by Asteron Life which has a A+ Financial Strength Rating and was the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Life Insurance Company’ award at the World Finance Global Insurance Awards in 2015.

The ACC Alternative is a New Zealand owned and operated business committed to protecting and insuring kiwis.

The ACC Alternative is a policy designed to offer security for self-employed workers who are not on PAYE, to protect their income should they have an accident or fall sick and be unable to work for a prolonged period of time.

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of income protection claims are for a mental illness


chance of suffering heart attack, cancer, or stroke if male & between age 30 & 65